A cigarette in an ashtray. A cigarette held between the delicate fingers of a lady. Cigarette smoke rising to the ceiling. Smoking alone or with others. The first cigarette  of the day. A cigarette after sex; while fishing; or contemplating an important decision.....We can contemplate these and other smoking situations for a long time. It's not a secret that artists working in photography,painting and sculpting that smoking takes on special meaning in the final artistic results and outcome. Exactly in the 20th.century along with other social phenomena and life style, cigarettes appeared in the visual media. Where there are cigarettes there is smoke.

From the 28th. of October till 28 November at the BIRKENFELDS gallery (Riga, Rupniecibas iela 3) will be an exhibit from the theme of SMOKE.
CAUTION: Smoking in ART will not harm your health!
From Left: Photographers Janis Blumbergs, Janis Kreicbergs and Ulvis Alberts
(c) Juris Dimiters
(c)Veronika Frolova
(c) Ivars Mikelsons
Artist Uga Alberts 1958
(c)Ulvis Alberts. Tom Waits,Singer/composer.East Hollywood-1978
(C) Janis Blumbergs
(c) Pauls Duskins
(c) Natasha Gudermane.
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